3-Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine

RH45/55/45TT, RH55/65/55TT
3-Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine


  • The extruder provide with superior melt quality and temperature homogeneity while maintaining excellent output
  • Barrier flight screw ensures fine mixing result as well as stable and palatalization
  • Special designed die improves uniform film thickness and product quality
  • High performance main motor with AC invertor drive is designed for energy saving as well as minimum maintenance
  • Gear box uses high torque and enforced lubrication system to minimize machine down time
  • Horizontal 360 degree oscillating Haul-off unit for excellent stability and easy to get a perfect film roll
  • Dual-Lip air ring with excellent air exit geometries guarantees an even distribution of the air around the surface of the film bubble


Model available

Model Effective Film Width (mm) Extrusion Output (Max. kg/hr) Screw Dia. (mm) Pinch Roller Width (mm) ADD
RH45/55/45TT 1200 180 Extruder A:ø45 L/D=28/1 Extruder B:ø55 L/D=28/1 Extruder C:ø45 L/D=28/1
RH55/65/55TT 1600 250 Extruder A:ø55 L/D=28/1 Extruder B:ø65 L/D=28/1 Extruder C:ø55 L/D=28/1