5-Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine

5-Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine
This versatile 5-layer con-extrusion blown film machine is perfect for producing barrier film and is applied to various materials like EVOH, Nylon,LDPE & Metallocenes. It’s a must-have machine for production of food packaging of meat, sausage, cheese & fish.


  • Applications:
    1. Barrier film structures, suitable for EVOH, Nylon,LDPE, Metallocenes, etc.
    2. Suitable Food Packaging: meat, sausage, cheese, fish.
  • Layer Distribution: 40/5/10/5/40
  • Layer Configuration:
    A & E - LDPE (Sealant)
    B & D - Tie (Adhesives)
    C - Nylon (Barrier)


Model available

Model Effective Film Width (mm) Extrusion Output (Max. kg/hr) Screw Dia. (mm) Pinch Roller Width (mm) ADD
RH55/25/42/25/55TT 1000 HDPE: 95 Ø55 L/D = 30/1