High Speed Blown Film Machine

AB90T, AB100T, AB120T, AB150T
High Performance Blown Film Machine
The high performance main motor AC inverter drive of this series is designed for energy saving and minimum maintenance. Accuracy and reliability are enhanced by the nip inverter motor. With the Italian branded gear box that has a high torque and reinforced lubricatioin system, the machine’s down time is significanlty reduced. High output and homogeneity are created through the outstanding screw & barrel.


  • High performance main motor AC inverter drive is designed for energy saving as well as minmum maintenance
  • Nip inverter motor is designed for accuracy and reliability
  • Gear box uses high torque and enforced lubrication system to minimize machine down time
  • High mixing quality from screw and barrel results in good homogeneity and high output


Model available

Model Effective Film Width (mm) Extrusion Output (Max. kg/hr) Screw Dia. (mm) Pinch Roller Width (mm) ADD
LM-AB90T 2000 HDPE:250 LDPE:300 Ø90 2100
LM-AB100T 2700 HDPE:320 LDPE:370 Ø100 Ø270*2800
LM-AB120T 3200 HDPE:380 LDPE:440 Ø120 3300
LM-AB150T 4000 HDPE:480 LDPE:550 Ø150 4200