Plastic Recycling Machine - GATOR Series

WRSH-85, WRSH-100, WRSH-120, WRSH-160
Plastic Recycling Machine
This Gator series is applicable to HDPE, LDPE & PP, and is designed for high process stability and great outputs. The vent design on the barrel evaporates the volatile substances from the recycled material. It’s characterized by the hydraulic screen changer, pressure gauge and water chamber with a die face cutter that bring safety and simplicity to the operation. Efficiency is greatly enhanced with the low downtime and quick maintenance.


  • Applicable materials : HDPE , LDPE and PP.
  • Designed for high material process stability and production.
  • Vent design on the barrel evaporates the volatiles from the recycled material.
  • Hydraulic screen change unit and pressure gauge for easy operation and safety.
  • Water chamber with die face cutter simplifies the process.
  • Easy operation, low downtime and quick maintenance.


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