Plastic Recycling Machine - GATOR Series

WRSH-85, WRSH-100, WRSH-120, WRSH-160
Plastic Recycling Machine


  • Applicable materials : HDPE , LDPE and PP.
  • Designed for high material process stability and production.
  • Vent design on the barrel evaporates the volatiles from the recycled material.
  • Hydraulic screen change unit and pressure gauge for easy operation and safety.
  • Water chamber with die face cutter simplifies the process.
  • Easy operation, low downtime and quick maintenance.


Model available

Model Effective Film Width (mm) Extrusion Output (Max. kg/hr) Screw Dia. (mm) Pinch Roller Width (mm) ADD
WRSH-85 150~250 kg/hr
WRSH-100 300~400 kg/hr
WRSH-120 400~600 kg/hr
WRSH-160 850~1000 kg/hr