Servo-Driven Double-Track Rotary seal Garbage Bag Making Machine

TA800D1, TA1000D1


  • Advanced Design
    New developed concept of continuous turn around theorem and special design of free-loop film tensioning device allow for sealing tightness, supporting even the thinnest gauge material.
  • Single and Double - Track Production
    Flat seal for c folding and 2-up servo driven system supports high-speed turn around work, ensures film running even, makes operation & maintenance easy.
  • High Productivity
    Max. Speed 150 M/Min., material suitable for HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP & recycled.
  • Synchronized Rewinding & Labeling
    The fully automatic high speed four spindle roll winder includes the highly efficient auto labeling device to synchronized the products' surface to be posted by the label.
  • Surface Unwinder
    Surface winder is designed for one single flat and 2 star seal rolls of different roll diameter.
  • Operator - Friendly Controller
    User interface panel control micro - processor , provides bag parameter setting and diagnostic information without stopping production.


Model available

Model Mother Film Width (mm) Mother Film Dia. (mm) Thickness of Film (mm) Finished Production (mm) Finished Production Roll Dia. (mm) Max. Production Speed (M / min) ADD
TA-800-D1 700 x 1 / 300 x 2 800 0.008 - 0.07 300 x 2 or 700 x 1 130 150
TA-1000-D1 950 x 1 / 300 x 2 800 0.008 - 0.07 300 x 2 or 700 x 1 130 100