Shuttle Track Draw Tape Bag On Roll Converting System



  • High speed integrated servo-driven system , suitable for poly draw , and conventional garbage bags on roll.
  • Hot air sealing system for horizontal lip sealing features stable sealing.
  • Draw tape feeding system for auto inserting the tape , double unwind device for auto exchange draw tape.
  • Equipped with PLC touch screen operator friendly control system.
  • Servo driven (4 axis) shuttle bag making machine for complets synchronization of in-feed/out-feed , seal and shuttle motion.
  • In-line servo driven shuttle track sealing & perforating unit qwns precisely dwell tine control for excellent effect of sealing & perforating.
  • Optional label dispenser.


Model available

Model Bag Width (mm) Bag Length (mm) Tickness (mm) Draw-tape Width (mm) Max. Dia. Of Production (mm) Max. Width Of Production (mm) Machine Speed (M/min) Power Required (kw) ADD
TA-1000PDR-S1 400~1000 450~900 HDPE 0.008~0.025 LDPE 0.020~0.100 100 120 100~300 20~130 40
TA-1200PDR-S1 400~1000 450~1200 HDPE 0.008~0.025 LDPE 0.020~0.100 100 120 160~400 20~130 40